Make Work More Human: Building a human-centered workplace that works

El proper Café Lean comptarà amb la Renée Smith, experta en la gestió d’equips d’una manera més humana, aspecte que encaixa amb el principi bàsic de Lean de respecte a les persones.

L’objectiu de l’activitat és aprendre a crear un ambient de treball harmònic en el que l’experiència laboral sigui quelcom gratificant pels empleats, traient-los-hi la por a assenyalar un problema, compartir una idea o provar una solució. En aquest entorn serè la forma de treballar Lean pot prosperar.


Dia: 13/09/2018
Horari: 16 a 18 hores
Lloc: ITeC. Wellington 19. 08037 Barcelona
Activitat gratuïta: Tancada la inscripció

L’acte és en anglès, sense traducció simultània.

Description: What does it take to create a workplace where a Lean way of working can truly thrive? How can leaders persuade employees to point out problems, share ideas, and test solutions – especially if these behaviors were discouraged in the past? Based on the results of 50 research interviews and experiences in Washington State government, it takes human-centered leaders and teams who decrease fear and increase love in the workplace. Love? Yes love. In government? Yes in government.

This session provides practical insights to create a workplace where team members have a deeply gratifying work experience and deliver exceptional value for customers.

  • Gain insights from stories describing the sobering impacts of fear.
  • Be inspired by the results achieved in more loving, human-centered workplaces.
  • Understand the crucial difference between accountability and responsibility.
  • Learn how state government agencies are working to put this into practice each day.
  • Learn more about A Human Workplace gatherings and advocacy.
  • Walk away with practical strategies for leaders and for teams to make work more human.

Bio: Each day Renée learns about leading with love as the Director of Organization Development at the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES). She leads a caring and courageous team who provide Lean Transformation Services and Change Excellence Services to DES and G2G Lean Consulting Services to state agencies and local governments anywhere. These public organizations are seeking to adapt Lean to government operations to deliver better value to customers and make public service a deeply gratifying experience. Renée and her team believe government can w/ork, and the best hope for governments to deliver on their promises is when Lean is embraced as a human-centered philosophy of work, not just a set of tools used by an improvement expert.

This kind of government is based on a principled way of working that highly regards both customers and team members. When leaders decrease fear, team members feel safe and know they belong. They sense their contributions matter, and they deliver the exceptional value customers expect.

In 2017, Renée founded A Human Workplace at DES to advocate for making work more human, particularly in government. Her unique body of research demonstrates that decreasing fear and increasing love in the workplace creates the necessary foundation for a Lean management system and transformation. She researches, teaches, writes, and hosts a growing Human Workplace Meet Up movement that gathers public employees to explore and advocate for a more human workplace.

Renée has spoken at numerous Lean conferences, annual meetings, and leadership gatherings in Los Angeles, Ottawa, Toronto, New Brunswick, Pennsylvania, and all over the Pacific Northwest, along with recording a Gemba Academy podcast. She’s been heartened and encouraged by the outpouring of affirmation from public servants who embrace the incredible potential that is unleashed by a human-centered workplace.

Renée’s training through Pepperdine University’s Master of Science in Organization Development helps her approach this work as both a social scientist and a practitioner. In her career she’s consulted and coached public, private, and not-for-profit organizations on all kinds of challenges. She enjoys running in Pt. Defiance Park, painting as a creative outlet, entertaining family and friends, and exploring cities around the world.

Organizational information:

Washington State’s Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is committed to a Lean as a human-centered way of working that creates a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and care. DES aims to deliver better value to all Washingtonians and make public service deeply gratifying. The agency is aligned with the nationally recognized Washington State Lean transformation under the leadership of Governor Jay Inslee and his Results Washington Office.

At DES nearly 800 team members provide central services to over 60,000 employees working in 65+ state agencies, plus numerous boards, commissions, institutions of higher education, local governments, non-profits, and tribal governments. DES services include procurement, fleet, surplus, print and mail, engineering and architecture, real estate, small agency human resource and finance, buildings and grounds, enterprise risk management, workforce support and development, and Lean consulting.