LIPS 2015 – Workshop

9:00 Reception and register of participants
9:30 Speakers and participants presentation
10:00 Introduction to Lean Construction
  • Origins and spreading of Lean Construction
  • Benefits of Lean Construction
  • Lean principles
  • Lean tools
11.15 Implementation of the Lean system in the construction sector
  • Practical cases of this implementation in construction companies
12.00 Break
12.15 How variability and uncertainty impact in construction
  • Analysis of variability effects in production
13.00 Last Planner System
  • New planning system based on collaboration and commitment of involved agents
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Integrated Project Delivery
  • Presentation of a new contractual frame fomenting collaboration
16.30 Systems Thinking
  • Dinamic activity about Lean and systemic thinking
  • Organizations opened to learning and to a shared view
17.30 Discussion and conclusions
18.00 End of the session


Juan Felipe Pons, Lean Management consultant

Cristina Ayats Pérez, Architect – Lean expert

Javier Pallas, Architect and Project Manager


Why you should not miss this workshop

Lean Construction is now a system and a global philosophy of production and management of construction projects. This workshop is a unmissable opportunity for getting a complete and practical overview on the implementation of Lean Construction by the hand of 3 speakers who are experts in the implementation of the Lean tools and concepts shown in the workshop, in various areas from the execution and management of construction projects, as well as in comprehensive Lean management in the company as an organization. In addition, this workshop is coordinated and directed by Alan Mossman, one of the most representative figures of Lean Construction internationally.

Objectives of the training workshop

  • Acquire an overview of the Lean production system and its application to construction, understand its basic principles, concepts and key tools.
  • Acquire an overview of collaborative planning and methodology of the Last Planner System.
  • Know the difference between managing a project with traditional methods with Lean project management tools such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), collaborative or relational contracts and the Target Value Design.
  • See how Lean construction is being implemented and the benefits that the companies that have already chosen this work philosophy are obtaining, in contrast with others still stuck in traditional planning systems and project management.

A target audience

This workshop is aimed at anyone with present or foreseeable responsibility duties in the management of construction sites or construction projects, both at technical and managerial level, in the areas of building, infrastructure and civil works, industrial, renovation or maintenance. The workshop will start from basic level and give a comprehensive and practical approach to the key tools and concepts of Lean Construction.


The methodology will combine throughout the day, theoretical and practical sessions with examples, along with Lean dynamics and games for a better understanding of the key concepts. There will also be space for discussion and debate on each of the main sections of the workshop.