ITeC (The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology) aims to promote the diffusion and application of new management trends in the construction process.

Under the Lean Barcelona brand ITeC is introducing the idea of Lean construction to Catalonia and to Spain.

The first Lean Barcelona event was in 2015. With Bimetric and, and with the support of the P2SL of the University of Berkeley, the Lean Construction Institute and the Spanish Group for Lean Construction, ITEC organised the Lean in the Public Sector Construction Conference (LIPS 2015), with the purpose of promoting the application of Lean thinking principles in the construction sector generally and in the Public sector specifically. In the conference several international public organisations presented projects that had applied Lean principles.

This year, ITeC organises Lean Barcelona: The Last Planner System, with the purpose of:

  • Teach the elements of Last Planner,
  • Present and enable a critical discussion of, examples of its application Spain, USA and elsewhere in Europe.
  • Present ideas for senior leadership who want to get the most out of Last Planner on their projects.

Day 1Training day: Introduction to the Last Planner System

Day 2 – Conference: Last Planner Application and discussion

Day 3 – LPS Workshop for senior leaders