EOTA Office ITeC


The ITeC EOTA Office is a department of the Innovation Support Area, which is in charge of the coordination of ITeC participation in the EOTA organs, the European Organisation of Technical Assessment.

The role of ITeC EOTA Office is to be the point for connection and knowledge transfer between EOTA and the ITeC departments as well as the construction stakeholders.

Reports of ITeC EOTA Office

Regarding innovative products or products not covered by harmonised standards, many companies in the construction sector have difficulties keeping up to date in a systematic and reliable manner with the new documents at European level.
As a member of EOTA in the framework of Regulation (EU) 305/2011, and formerly under Directive 89/106/CEE, ITeC participates actively in the Technical Board, General Assembly, product area working groups, horizontal and ad hoc groups of this European organisation. This participation is a key source of information on EOTA activity.

The ITeC EOTA Office makes the Reports of ITeC EOTA Office available to the companies and relevant stakeholders of the construction sector. These are a useful tool for keeping up with the relevant news and documents in the field covered by EOTA.

What are the Reports?

The reports of ITeC EOTA Office are a systematic compilation of the most relevant information and documents produced at EOTA level, such as European Assessment Documents-EAD which have been published, conversion of ETA Guidelines into EADs, EOTA Technical Reports and other documents of interest.

Moreover, they collect all the regulations which are being published for the application of Regulation (EU) 305/2011: EC delegate acts, reports and FAQs. Articles and press notes on issues of special interest complement the Reports information.

These reports come after the meetings of the EOTA Technical Board, which are held approximately every three months.

Whom are the Reports for?

For all companies that produce, distribute and market construction products in this field as well as those construction stakeholders which have no direct and systematic access to all the information and documents generated in Brussels.

Note: from Num. 8 on, the reports are in English. The same applies for the articles in this section beginning with the article dealing with the EC report on the CPR implementation. Previous reports and articles may be consulted in Spanish and Catalan.

Other ITeC information

For consultation of ITeC information and services in the framework of EOTA, see ITeC web site: en.itec.cat, section “Certification of products not covered by standard/innovative products”.

ITeC is a technical assessment body as well as a notified body for products in the field of EOTA.